For years I've been using some pretty elaborate CSS to style bullet points.

Now it seems you can simply use ::marker to get the same effect.

Let's see:

  1. a numbered list
  2. with three items
  3. this is the last one

  • an unstyled list
  • with another three items
  • and this is the last one.

Hmmm. The bulletpoints end up too high. The lines seem to be slightly indented. 
All in all,  think my own CSS does a better job...

With my own CSS:

  • a list item
  • another list item over two lines
    to see if it stays indented...
  • the last list item

But the weird thing is: according to the FA Cheatsheet, the code for a circle is f111 - but that shows up as an open circle.
Ah! The font-weight determines whether an icon is solid or not! So adding font-weight:900; makes it solid.