The way to avoid that horrible stairstep bind-off, so your bind-offs will look a lot better... It's a bit more work, but it's definitely worth it!

 The pattern instructions for the left and right bind-offs in this photo are exactly the same ("on neck edge, BO 3 sts 3 times")... See the difference!

Bias bind-off:

  • - work to 1 st before neckline
  • - slip; turn
  • - slip first 2 sts
  • - pull 2nd over 1st (= 1 st bound off).

For initial bindoff (center sts):

  • place markers either side of sts to be bound off!
  • work to 1 st before marker
  • in this st: Kf&b
  • remove marker
  • knit next st
  • pull 2nd over 1st (1st is the extra st you just made)
  • continue to bind off normally.

Link to Cocoknits explanation.